Top Truck Games

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    Monster Truck Maniac 2

    4.59/5 Rating

    434,680 Plays

    Play Monster Truck Maniac 2

    There is nothing about Monster Truck Maniac 2 that could be considered typical. This isn't your traditional truck racing game so if you're just looking for a game that only challenges you to race around a track as fast as...

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    Truck Loader

    4.18/5 Rating

    171,192 Plays

    Play Truck Loader

    Truck Loader is an entertaining racing game that challenges you to complete the puzzle presented to you in each level as fast as you can in an attempt to get a high score. While it isn't a racing game in...

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    Truck Launch Maniac

    4.71/5 Rating

    150,230 Plays

    Play Truck Launch Maniac

    A launching game in white you have to send a truck flying as far as possible in such a way it would make Newton's zombie walk the earth. Truck Launch Maniac isn't too different from many games that involve firing...

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    4.7/5 Rating

    116,176 Plays

    Play Destructotruck

    Destructotruck is a unique and entertaining racing game that challenges you to travel as far as you can and cause as much destruction as you can in a single jump. Along the way you can earn money to buy several...

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    Extreme Trucks I

    4.52/5 Rating

    101,757 Plays

    Play Extreme Trucks I

    Extreme Trucks I is the sort of racing game you're either going to love or hate. It isn't a traditional racing game in that you aren't facing off against other trucks and racing around a typical track. This change in...

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    IndestructoTank AE

    4.62/5 Rating

    78,827 Plays

    Play IndestructoTank AE

    IndestructoTank AE is not your typical racing game. It's unique and unusual but will definitely keep your attention from the very beginning to the very end. What really makes this game so addictive and so entertaining is the fact that...

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    KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge

    4.74/5 Rating

    66,543 Plays

    Play KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge

    With two modes of game place - Career and Quick Race - KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge is an excellent truck racing game that offers something for everyone. Although this isn't a truck racing game in the traditional sense of...

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    Monster Truck Trials

    4.38/5 Rating

    50,136 Plays

    Play Monster Truck Trials

    Monster Truck Trials is an awesome stunt game where you'll compete in extreme events. These stunts can range from making a long jump with your truck to seeing how many flips you can do, but each and every event is...

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    Forklift Frenzy

    4.4/5 Rating

    38,627 Plays

    Play Forklift Frenzy

    Forklift Frenzy is an interesting twist when it comes to racing games. Instead of dealing with laps, or even racing cars, your goal is to move crates and pallets within a strict time limit. There are six levels total, and...

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    4.43/5 Rating

    24,022 Plays

    Play TurboTrucks

    TurboTrucks is an entertaining and engrossing truck racing game that puts your racing skills to the test in six different places on six different tracks. The premise of the game isn't terribly uncommon in the world of truck racing games....

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    Mad Trucker 2

    4.58/5 Rating

    20,139 Plays

    Play Mad Trucker 2

    Mad Trucker 2 is the second installment in the Mad Trucker series, and is a vast improvement upon the first. The graphics are better-detailed, the gameplay is faster-paced, and there are more powerups to buy to make the game a...

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    Truck Mania

    3.93/5 Rating

    15,653 Plays

    Play Truck Mania

    Truck Mania is a physics game that features photo-realistic graphics, thrilling sound effects, and four unique trucks to choose from. This driving game contains twenty levels, ten easy and ten difficult. The objective of Truck Mania is to haul your load...

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    Ice Road Truckers 2

    4/5 Rating

    13,394 Plays

    Play Ice Road Truckers 2

    Ice Road Truckers 2 is a truck driving game based on the History Channel documentary series Ice Road Truckers. This driving game features five routes, numerous hazards and dangers, and multiple upgrades. The objective of Ice Road Truckers 2 is to...

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    Mining Truck

    4.42/5 Rating

    11,020 Plays

    Play Mining Truck

    In the driving game Mining Truck, you are charged with moving an unnamed mineral of unusual color from point A to point B without spilling it everywhere. Sounds easy right? Nope. The safety inspector clearly had a massive heart-attack upon...

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    Truck Toss

    4.23/5 Rating

    10,423 Plays

    Play Truck Toss

    Truck Toss is a fun, simple-to-play physics game where you control a monster truck. The game features cartoonish visuals, fun music and sound effects, seven vehicles to choose from, and thirty-seven achievements to earn! The objective of Truck Toss is simply...

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    Monster Truck Maniac

    3.89/5 Rating

    8,706 Plays

    Play Monster Truck Maniac

    Monster Truck Maniac is a physics game where you control a monster truck while trying to compete tasks. The game features simple graphics, but this does not mean that the game is low-quality; simple graphics work for this game. When you...

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    Mining Truck 2

    4.35/5 Rating

    8,704 Plays

    Play Mining Truck 2

    Sequel to Mining Truck despite the more primitive technology in use. Mining Truck 2 like the predecessor is a physics-based driving game which involves driving a trolly to bring supplies from inside the mines to the destination. Simple right? Nope. Mines...

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    4x4 Rally

    4.33/5 Rating

    8,343 Plays

    Play 4x4 Rally

    4x4 Rally is a fast-paced off-road racing game where you compete against four computer-controlled racers. The game is presented from a top-down perspective and features pseudo-3D graphics, unique tracks, and a musical score that will get you pumped up for...

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    The Transaid Challenge

    4.24/5 Rating

    6,657 Plays

    Play The Transaid Challenge

    The Transaid Challenge is a unique driving game that puts you behind the wheel of a 4x4 as an African health service worker. The game features numerous missions to complete, excellent graphics, and realistic sound effects. The goal of The Transaid...

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    4.85/5 Rating

    6,270 Plays

    Play Offroaders

    A somewhat cutesy 3D racing game - this is Offroaders. The basic controls have been given above, BUT there are other shortcut keys you sure want to know like the back of your hand if you want to fare well...