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    Sim Taxi 2

    4.49/5 Rating

    100,896 Plays

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    Sim Taxi 2 is an entertaining and engrossing taxi racing game in which you must drive around the big city and pick up fares to earn money. The more money you earn, the higher your score will be at the...

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    Zombie Taxi 2

    4.62/5 Rating

    92,493 Plays

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    Zombie Taxi 2 improves upon the first game in every way, but the premise remains the same. You're a taxi driver in the zombie-infested city. There are stranded survivors through out the city, and it's up to you to rescue...

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    Zombie Taxi

    4.2/5 Rating

    47,122 Plays

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    Zombie Taxi is an interesting flash game with a simple premise. In a zombie-ridden world, it's your goal to be a successful taxi driver. However, in this world, the stakes are a bit higher - instead of dropping off customers,...

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    Sim Taxi

    4.74/5 Rating

    18,465 Plays

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    In the world of taxi simulation games and online racing games, few can compete with Sim Taxi. This excellent, engrossing and entirely addictive racing game puts you behind the wheel of a taxi and gives you three options for what...

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    Spongebob Delivery Dilemma

    4.83/5 Rating

    18,267 Plays

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    The goal here is quite different from other racing games. Instead of trying to finish the race with the highest ranking as possible (which is the case in most racing games), your goal here is to deliver the ingredients to...