Top Car Games

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    Coaster Racer 2

    4.53/5 Rating

    350,131 Plays

    Play Coaster Racer 2

    Coaster Racer 2 is one of the few racing game sequels online that actually gets it right. It stays very true to the original game while only really changing the things about the game that needed improving. This is definitely...

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    High Speed Chase 2

    4.31/5 Rating

    229,843 Plays

    Play High Speed Chase 2

    High Speed Chase 2 is an exciting and intense racing game that seats you in a action packed race to become the next super agent. You'll embark on several missions to earn your title, each one a little more difficult...

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    Cyclo Maniacs

    4.62/5 Rating

    189,486 Plays

    Play Cyclo Maniacs

    Cyclo Maniacs is an engrossing and addictive motorcycle racing game that offers twenty different characters, twenty different tracks and twenty different horns you can unlock as you race on twenty-six different tracks. Your goal is simple - become the ultimate...

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    4.11/5 Rating

    171,125 Plays

    Play FastTrack

    FastTrack is an exciting racing game with multiple tracks, lots of upgrades, and stiff competition. Not only will you have to deal with a difficult racetrack, but also you'll have to edge your way past the rest of the competition. The...

  • #5

    Drag Race Demon 2

    4.52/5 Rating

    167,627 Plays

    Play Drag Race Demon 2

    Race through twelve challenging races to become the Drag Race Demon champion in Drag Race Demon 2, the second installment in this exciting, fast paced drag racing game. This isn't your typical racing game though - not by a long...

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    4.34/5 Rating

    154,365 Plays

    Play Gride

    Gride is a racing game where you don't do much driving - just upgrading. It's a great twist on the racing genre, and if you've never played anything like it before (you haven't) then you're bound to have some fun....

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    4.02/5 Rating

    138,010 Plays

    Play Drive

    Drive is a relatively simple flash game that any gamer can enjoy. By using the arrow keys, you'll make your way through five unique levels - if you can keep up with the clock, that is. Along every level, there...

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    Drag Racer v3

    4.47/5 Rating

    131,675 Plays

    Play Drag Racer v3

    Drag racing, a straight line race between two cars from point A to point B, with success hinging on who hits their top speed first, and keeps it there. Drag Racer v3 gives you a large selection of cars, opponents,...

  • #9

    Speeding Wheels

    4.59/5 Rating

    116,789 Plays

    Play Speeding Wheels

    Speeding Wheels is a flash racing game with class. You'll be able to race with either a Viper or an F50 - and they both come with customizable colors. Next, you'll also be able to race in notorious international racing...

  • #10

    Speed Warrior

    4.28/5 Rating

    104,609 Plays

    Play Speed Warrior

    Speed Warrior is absolutely, without question one of the best racing games online simply because it really offers something for every racing game fan regardless of skill or experience level and regardless of what kind of racing game they're interested...

  • #11

    Sim Taxi 2

    4.49/5 Rating

    100,896 Plays

    Play Sim Taxi 2

    Sim Taxi 2 is an entertaining and engrossing taxi racing game in which you must drive around the big city and pick up fares to earn money. The more money you earn, the higher your score will be at the...

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    Kart Pro Challenge

    4.32/5 Rating

    98,139 Plays

    Play Kart Pro Challenge

    Kart Pro Challenge is an entertaining and addictive kart racing game in which your one and only goal is to race around the track as quickly as possible to try and beat your opponents. Although this basic premise isn't terribly...

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    Zombie Taxi 2

    4.62/5 Rating

    92,493 Plays

    Play Zombie Taxi 2

    Zombie Taxi 2 improves upon the first game in every way, but the premise remains the same. You're a taxi driver in the zombie-infested city. There are stranded survivors through out the city, and it's up to you to rescue...

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    The Chase

    3.88/5 Rating

    66,918 Plays

    Play The Chase

    The Chase is a fast paced, addictive racing game in which your only goal is to make it to the next level as you build the highest score you can get. The game offers an premise that is as simple...

  • #15

    Slot Car Grand Prix

    4.45/5 Rating

    63,335 Plays

    Play Slot Car Grand Prix

    Slot Car Grand Prix brings all the fun of racing slot cars to the world of flash racing games with this fun, engrossing and incredibly addictive slot car racing game. With several different tracks to choose from and a fairly...

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    Flash Rally School

    4.57/5 Rating

    61,882 Plays

    Play Flash Rally School

    Flash Rally School is an entertaining racing game that puts you in control of a rally car and challenges you to navigate through the course as fast as you can. The ingame instructions are a little lacking in the details...

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    Snow Drift Racing

    4.5/5 Rating

    55,625 Plays

    Play Snow Drift Racing

    Snow Drift Racing is a simple, yet fairly difficult drift racing game that will challenge you to last as long as you can on the snow covered track as you try to get a lower score than you did on...

  • #18

    USS Racing 2 Extreme Edition

    4.77/5 Rating

    49,308 Plays

    Play USS Racing 2 Extreme Edition

    USS Racing 2 Extreme Edition is a fast paced action racing game that will put your racing skills to the test as you speed around the track trying to unlock new cars and new tracks to maximize your racing fun....

  • #19

    Drift Runners 2

    4.52/5 Rating

    48,340 Plays

    Play Drift Runners 2

    Drift Runners 2 is an excellent drifting racing game that will put your racing skills to the test with twenty-four tracks and forty levels of intense racing fun. This isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination but...

  • #20

    3D Car Racing

    4.22/5 Rating

    47,562 Plays

    Play 3D Car Racing

    3D Car Racing is exactly what you would expect from the name - a fun and exciting 3D racing game that offers two different tracks, two different cars and five different car colors to choose from in the beginning of...

  • #21

    Zombie Taxi

    4.2/5 Rating

    47,121 Plays

    Play Zombie Taxi

    Zombie Taxi is an interesting flash game with a simple premise. In a zombie-ridden world, it's your goal to be a successful taxi driver. However, in this world, the stakes are a bit higher - instead of dropping off customers,...

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    4.65/5 Rating

    46,319 Plays

    Play FreeRace

    If you are looking for a basic, no frills racing game to either kill a little time with or to use to hone your racing game skills, FreeRace may well be the perfect game for you. For more experienced racing...

  • #23

    Tiny F1 racers

    4.4/5 Rating

    45,808 Plays

    Play Tiny F1 racers

    Tiny F1 racers is a fantastic racing game that will challenge you to beat ten tracks of racing mayhem as fast as you can. You'll be racing against two opponents who want to win just as badly as you. If...

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    4.68/5 Rating

    42,163 Plays

    Play SandStorm

    SandStorm is an excellent racing game that will challenge you to beat your competitors and make it to the finish line first; testing your racing skills - and sometimes your patience - along the way. The basic premise of the...

  • #25

    3D Buggy Racing

    4.44/5 Rating

    39,077 Plays

    Play 3D Buggy Racing

    3D Buggy Racing is, without question, one of the best 3D racing games online simply because it offers so much in terms of options, challenge and graphics. Not every computer was created equally and that is something the makers of...

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    USS Racing

    4.7/5 Rating

    38,707 Plays

    Play USS Racing

    USS Racing is an entertaining and addictive racing game that will put your racing skills to the test as you try to complete races as quickly as possible to unlock new tracks and new cars. You begin the game with...

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    Pro Rally 2009

    4.48/5 Rating

    38,510 Plays

    Play Pro Rally 2009

    Pro Rally is back with Pro Rally 2009. The addictive racing game that had you hooked returns with a new installment that will keep you playing just as much as the first game in the series. This time around there...

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    Drift Runners

    4.25/5 Rating

    37,226 Plays

    Play Drift Runners

    Drift Runners is an entertaining and addictive drift racing game that will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold it to the very end. This isn't an easy game, though, so beginners are going to have a bit...

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    street rally

    3.96/5 Rating

    36,593 Plays

    Play street rally

    Street Rally is a fun racing game that involves, above all else, rallying. Instead of racing in an enclosed area, you'll have to drive as fast as you can to certain checkpoints. Once you've hit all checkpoints, it then becomes...

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    Desert Rally

    4.39/5 Rating

    24,839 Plays

    Play Desert Rally

    Desert Rally is one of the most unique and addictive racing games on the internet simply because it's so extremely simple yet still fairly challenging. You need to balance a decent racing speed with careful control of your car -...

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    Coaster Racer

    4.67/5 Rating

    22,216 Plays

    Play Coaster Racer

    Coaster Racer is an entertaining racing game despite its rather familiar premise. What really sets this game apart from most of the other racing games online is the above average graphics and the truly challenging tracks. While many of the...

  • #32

    Spongebob Delivery Dilemma

    4.83/5 Rating

    18,267 Plays

    Play Spongebob Delivery Dilemma

    The goal here is quite different from other racing games. Instead of trying to finish the race with the highest ranking as possible (which is the case in most racing games), your goal here is to deliver the ingredients to...

  • #33

    Speed Racer

    4.67/5 Rating

    18,209 Plays

    Play Speed Racer

    It's 3D, the graphics are nice, comes with a good background story (although that's not really necessary), and it's based off of the movie of the same name which was directed by the same director who brought us Matrix. If...

  • #34

    Freeway Fury

    4.64/5 Rating

    18,067 Plays

    Play Freeway Fury

    Freeway Fury is one of the most unique and unusual racing games online simply because it challenges you to not only race your car but also jump into other cars and perform stunts to earn points and nitro boosts. While...

  • #35

    Supersonic Speeders

    4.4/5 Rating

    14,584 Plays

    Play Supersonic Speeders

    So you are on the hunt for 3D racing games that have nice replay value? Yeah? If that's the case, then the futuristic Supersonic Speeders is yours for the taking. It may not be fancy, it may not be extensive...

  • #36

    Neon Race

    4.25/5 Rating

    14,468 Plays

    Play Neon Race

    Neon Race is an incredible addictive and difficult racing game that will put your racing skills to the test and challenge you to stay on your toes. In each level, your goal is to make it through the track as...

  • #37

    Dune Buggy

    5/5 Rating

    11,697 Plays

    Play Dune Buggy

    Dune Buggy is a physics driving game featuring excellent graphics, a pumping soundtrack, and a ton of powerups and hazardous items that provide a unique gameplay experience! The objective of Dune Buggy is simply to make it from the start of...

  • #38


    4.8/5 Rating

    11,219 Plays

    Play ExtremeCars

    ExtremeCars is an entertaining and fast paced racing game that will have you playing game after game. Although it isn't a racing game in the traditional sense of the term, it is a lot of fun and will appeal to...

  • #39

    Formula 1 Champion

    3.5/5 Rating

    10,331 Plays

    Play Formula 1 Champion

    Formula 1 Champion is a top-down racing game featuring photo-realistic graphics and unique gameplay. This racing game puts you in control of a Formula 1 racer, competing against seven other computer-controlled racers. The objective of Formula 1 Champion is to complete...

  • #40

    The Heist

    3.27/5 Rating

    9,973 Plays

    Play The Heist

    The Heist is, quite simply put, one of the best racing games the internet has to offer. In terms of free racing games, this one can't be beat. The graphics are pretty good for a game in this genre, but...

  • #41


    4.75/5 Rating

    9,643 Plays

    Play Kamikaze

    Kamikaze is proof positive that a game doesn't have to be complicated to be addictive. This game is, quite simply put, one of the best racing games online and it couldn't be any more straight forward. You are in the...

  • #42

    CycloManiacs 2

    4.35/5 Rating

    9,589 Plays

    Play CycloManiacs 2

    CycloManiacs 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed racing game, CycloManiacs. CycloManiacs 2 features fifty new racers, improved graphics, and five minigames. CycloManiacs 2 takes the gameplay of the first CycloManiacs and runs with it (or pedals with it). There is...

  • #43

    Kart Fighter

    4.64/5 Rating

    9,527 Plays

    Play Kart Fighter

    Kart Fighter is a unique and entertaining racing game with tracks set in some of the world's most famous landmarks. The graphics in this one are excellent and far exceed the standard set by many of the other racing games...

  • #44

    I Hate Traffic

    4.21/5 Rating

    9,325 Plays

    Play I Hate Traffic

    I Hate Traffic is one of the most engrossing and addictive racing games online simply because it offers a little something for every racing fan, regardless of what kind of racing game they enjoy. You have the main trials and...

  • #45

    Pro Rally 2

    3.89/5 Rating

    9,188 Plays

    Play Pro Rally 2

    Pro Rally 2 is an excellent overhead racing game that will keep you on your toes and put your racing skills to the test. This one is going to be a bit difficult for beginners to get the hang of...

  • #46

    Four Wheel Chase

    3.29/5 Rating

    9,149 Plays

    Play Four Wheel Chase

    Based loosely on the comedy movie Kangaroo Jack, the aforementioned Kangaroo has a jacket that holds a whopping $50,000 and you have to chase him down to get it back, but this isn't an easy task in the slightest. Four...

  • #47

    Formula Racer

    4.55/5 Rating

    9,085 Plays

    Play Formula Racer

    Formula Racer is a racing game created by turboNuke, one of the developers of the popular CycloManiacs series as well as the racing game, Grand Prix Go. Formula Racer lives up to the high expectations of a turboNuke game and...

  • #48

    Retro Rally

    5/5 Rating

    9,052 Plays

    Play Retro Rally

    One of the few mouse controlled racing games out there, Retro Rally is as easy as pie to play. The further you move your cursor away, the faster you will go. And when you pick up some items along the...

  • #49

    Cyber Race 2 multiplayer

    1/5 Rating

    9,038 Plays

    Play Cyber Race 2 multiplayer

    Cyber Race 2 Multiplayer is a fairly basic yet completely addictive online racing game in which your only goal is to get around the track as fast as you can, navigating all of the twists and turns you're faced with...

  • #50

    Lil Racerz

    2.33/5 Rating

    8,904 Plays

    Play Lil Racerz

    The goal in Lil Racerz is plain and simple: just like in most racing games out there, the ultimate goal is to burn rubber in this fast paced racing competition and set the road on fire as you fight for...

  • #51

    King of Drift

    4.43/5 Rating

    8,681 Plays

    Play King of Drift

    King of Drift is a racing and drifting game. The game features impressively detailed two-dimensional graphics, realistic drifting physics, an engaging soundtrack, and realistic sound effects. King of Drift is a racing game, but primarily, it is a drifting game. Placing...

  • #52

    3D Rally Racing

    4.12/5 Rating

    8,383 Plays

    Play 3D Rally Racing

    3D Rally Racing is a racing game with beautiful three-dimensional graphics. This racing game also features five tracks, two vehicles to choose from, and an automatic saving feature. The objective of 3D Rally Racing is to complete each race in first...

  • #53

    Jam XM

    4.5/5 Rating

    8,355 Plays

    Play Jam XM

    Based on the freeware game, Jam XM is a top-down racing game that pits you against three other racers, sporting a car that is armed to the teeth with weaponry and speed. You control the blue car in Jam XM, and...

  • #54

    Big Pixel Racing

    4.75/5 Rating

    8,308 Plays

    Play Big Pixel Racing

    Here's the story: your kid brother got himself in some trouble. And to make matters worse, he got into trouble not just with any dog BUT with the Big Dog, who happens to be the meanest gangster in the Dog...

  • #55

    The Fast and the Phineas

    2.33/5 Rating

    7,772 Plays

    Play The Fast and the Phineas

    The Fast and the Phineas is an adorable racing game based on the popular Disney Channel television show "Phineas and Ferb", but this game is appealing to more than just fans of the show. Because you are able to build...

  • #56

    Grand Prix Go

    4.05/5 Rating

    7,757 Plays

    Play Grand Prix Go

    Grand Prix Go is a fast-paced car racing game presented from an isometric perspective. This racing game features great isometric graphics, which are a fresh change from the typical top-down, two-dimensional visuals that are featured in most games of this...

  • #57

    Head On Collision

    1/5 Rating

    7,735 Plays

    Play Head On Collision

    Head On Collision is a unique, addictive and difficult strategy racing game that will challenge you to think about every move you make as you attempt to collect treasures and avoid the dreaded collision with the enemy cars. It isn't...

  • #58


    5/5 Rating

    7,659 Plays

    Play VXR

    VXR is a top-down, two-player car racing game based on VXRacing, the high-performance models of Vauxhall Motors. The game features a variety of challenging tracks, two-player mode, and three cars to race with. The main menu of this car racing game...

  • #59

    Road of the Dead

    4.54/5 Rating

    7,584 Plays

    Play Road of the Dead

    Road of the Dead is a zombie-themed driving game and the precursor to the zombie game, Lab of the Dead. Road of the Dead features amazing graphics, great voice acting, and challenging gameplay. The numerous audio and graphical assets in...

  • #60

    Raccoon Racing

    4/5 Rating

    7,374 Plays

    Play Raccoon Racing

    Raccoon Racing is a cute racing game that features cartoonish graphics, a ton of powerups, eight cups to complete, and six unlockable racers! This racing game is similar to Mario Kart, but is presented from a top-down perspective and features...

  • #61

    Highway Hunter

    3.8/5 Rating

    7,185 Plays

    Play Highway Hunter

    You are driving along the highway with a high-caliber pistol that has enough power backing it up to blow up cars in a single bullet. Highway Hunter has you shooting every car that passes, gunning down the cops, and grabbing...

  • #62

    Mercedes Drift

    1/5 Rating

    7,068 Plays

    Play Mercedes Drift

    Mercedes Drift is a driving game that puts you behind the wheel of a Mercedes CL63 AMG. Mercedes Drift features detailed graphics, realistic sound effects, and tons of fun for fans of drifting games. Mercedes Drift gives you sixty seconds to...

  • #63

    Micro Racers 2

    4.43/5 Rating

    6,866 Plays

    Play Micro Racers 2

    Micro Racers 2 is an addictive and entertaining racing game that will keep you playing game after game. With three exciting game modes to cheer from, decent graphics and challenging races, there is more than enough to keep any racing...

  • #64

    World Drifting Championship

    5/5 Rating

    6,641 Plays

    Play World Drifting Championship

    World Drifting Championship is a drifting game presented from a top-down perspective. This driving game features detailed graphics, eleven different cars to choose from, three different types of tires and challenging gameplay. The objective of World Drifting Championship is to rack...

  • #65

    Replay Racer 2

    4/5 Rating

    6,613 Plays

    Play Replay Racer 2

    Replay Racer 2 is an addictive and entertaining racing game that challenges you to try to beat the high score to get the win. While this one doesn't have the greatest graphics out there and the action can be a...

  • #66

    The Soul Driver

    5/5 Rating

    6,421 Plays

    Play The Soul Driver

    The Soul Driver is a dynamo of a driving game. This car game also features elements of distance games and action games along with artistic cartoon graphics, numerous upgrades, and a variety of achievements! The Soul Driver puts you in the...

  • #67

    Speed Busters

    4.67/5 Rating

    6,392 Plays

    Play Speed Busters

    Speed Busters puts you in the role of Detective Dave, a tough-as-nails cop with a mission to bring law to the road, by any means necessary. Speed Busters is a high-paced action game presented from a top-down viewpoint. The objective of...

  • #68

    Grand Prix Challenge 2

    5/5 Rating

    6,382 Plays

    Play Grand Prix Challenge 2

    A simple racing game where you have to go through three consecutive tracks to win, all without destroying your racing car in the process, not as easy as you think however. The goal is not to win the races, but...

  • #69

    Meteoro Speed

    4.33/5 Rating

    6,254 Plays

    Play Meteoro Speed

    Meteoro Speed is a racing game based on the Hot Wheels brand of car toys and the Speed Racer media franchise. This racing game features eight unique vehicles, thrilling gameplay, and great visuals. The objective of Meteoro Speed is to complete...

  • #70

    Street Drifting

    3.6/5 Rating

    6,169 Plays

    Play Street Drifting

    Street racing against multiple opponents, you have the destination and it's up to you to pick the route there. Street Drifting has you and five other racers heading for the same finish line on a narrow street. Think you can...

  • #71

    Micro Racers

    4/5 Rating

    6,096 Plays

    Play Micro Racers

    Micro Racers is a two-dimensional car racing game. There are three modes to choose from: Championship, Challenge, and Trial. Championship mode is the main mode of the game, where you must complete each race in first place to advance to...

  • #72

    Foofa Race 2

    1/5 Rating

    5,976 Plays

    Play Foofa Race 2

    Foofa Race 2 is a racing game and is the sequel to the earlier Foofa Race. This racing game features cartoonish graphics, six unique racers, and three cups with six tracks. Foofa Race 2 is lets you race in a cup,...

  • #73

    Grand Prix Management

    5/5 Rating

    5,883 Plays

    Play Grand Prix Management

    Grand Prix Management is a business game where you must manage a Formula One racing team to glory. This car game features simple graphics, easy-to-navigate interfaces, and superb audio. Although Grand Prix Management can be classified as a racing game,...

  • #74


    4.08/5 Rating

    5,847 Plays

    Play Freegear

    Freegear is a game that takes its inspiration from classic arcade racing games such as Pole Position. This racing game features outstanding pseudo-3D graphics, a pumped-up soundtrack, and twenty tracks to race on. Freegear features two modes of gameplay: Quick Race...

  • #75


    1/5 Rating

    5,839 Plays

    Play Peakart

    PeaKart is a racing game that as the name suggests, puts you in the role of an anthropomorphic pea driving a go-kart. PeaKart features a single track, simple controls, and great three-dimensional graphics. The objective of PeaKart is to complete three...

  • #76

    Reach The Goal

    5/5 Rating

    5,808 Plays

    Play Reach The Goal

    Reach The Goal is a top-down racing game featuring detailed graphics, a pumping soundtrack, and realistic sound effects. This racing game also features four cars that you can choose from. The objective of Reach The Goal is to complete a race...

  • #77

    Skid MK

    4.43/5 Rating

    5,756 Plays

    Play Skid MK

    Skid MK is a racing game similar to Mario Kart. Skid MK features three-dimensional graphics, simple controls, and six racers to choose from. The objective of Skid MK is to beat the competition in each race and finish in first place....

  • #78

    Neon Race 2

    4.6/5 Rating

    5,717 Plays

    Play Neon Race 2

    Continuing the same tradition that the original Neon Racer game has set, the objective in Neon Race 2 is to finish the track within the time limit, unlock the next one, and do all of these in a pumped-up disco-style...

  • #79

    Web Trading Cars Chase

    3/5 Rating

    5,682 Plays

    Play Web Trading Cars Chase

    Web Trading Cars Chase is a racing game based on the famous Hot Wheels franchise of toy cars. Web Trading Cars Chase features seven cars to choose from, two tracks to race on, and trivia questions that allow players to...

  • #80

    Freeway Fury 2

    5/5 Rating

    5,497 Plays

    Play Freeway Fury 2

    Just like other racing games and its older brother, Freeway Fury 2 challenges you to hit the finish line as fast as you can. HOWEVER, as basic and straightforward as that may sound, things are not so cut and dried...

  • #81

    Peugeot Time Trial

    2/5 Rating

    5,279 Plays

    Play Peugeot Time Trial

    A simple racing game with two tracks, one simple, another far more complex and elaborate one if you get bored of that. The arrow keys move the car with Up moving forward, Down reversing, and left/right takes care of the...

  • #82

    DragonBall Kart

    2.67/5 Rating

    5,270 Plays

    Play DragonBall Kart

    DragonBall Kart is a racing game based on the world famous anime series, Dragon Ball Z. This kart game features sprite graphics, extremely simple controls, and four racers to choose from. The objective of DragonBall Kart is similar to that of...

  • #83

    Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing

    4.82/5 Rating

    5,221 Plays

    Play Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing

    Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing is a racing game by turboNuke (the team of Longanimals and robotJAM), creators of the CycloManiacs series and many other games. As expected from turboNuke, Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing features outstanding graphics, simple controls,...

  • #84

    Rural Racer

    5/5 Rating

    5,208 Plays

    Play Rural Racer

    A race between racers in the countryside, Rural Racer pits you against other racers on an 8-lap track, the top-down view lets you know what's coming up and you'll need a good bit of practice to make those sharp turns...

  • #85

    Knugg Rally

    0/5 Rating

    5,072 Plays

    Play Knugg Rally

    Knugg Rally is a top-down car racing game. The object of the game is to complete three circuits, each containing seven unique tracks. The game features one-on-one races, with the player controlling one vehicle, and the computer controlling the other. Knugg...

  • #86

    Kart On

    1/5 Rating

    4,740 Plays

    Play Kart On

    A flash-based racing game that is as balanced as it could get! The rule to keep in mind is this: ALL of the racers will have the same EXACT car model and specs. There are no upgrades to give you...

  • #87

    Mini Nitros

    0/5 Rating

    4,425 Plays

    Play Mini Nitros

    Ever wanted to paint a British sign on your car and fill it with nitro? Well maybe the nitro part but now you can. Mini Nitros is a racing game where you're against the clock on four different tracks ,...