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Brakeless Controls

Brakeless is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the up arrow key to drive forward and the down arrow key to drive in reverse. The left and right arrow keys to steer your car. Press the spacebar to reset your car if you crash.

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Brakeless Walkthrough

Brakeless is a driving game presented by Hot Wheels, the collectable die-cast toy cars. This car game features outstanding graphics, superb audio, and six cars to choose from.

The objective of Brakeless is to reach the finish line as quickly as possibly. This driving game takes place on a city street, and it is a straight shot from your starting position to the finish line. Although your path is direct, there are many obstacles to avoid along the way such as crates, mack trucks, traffic, and other hazards. There are no lives or crash limits in this car game however, so the only hindrance that crashing will cause is slowing you down.

This driving game uses the keyboard as its control device. The left and right arrow keys steer your car and the up key is used to accelerate. Despite being names Brakeless, you can brake and reverse by pressing the down arrow key. If your car flips over after a crash, you can reset it by pressing the spacebar. There is no penalty for resetting your car.

The key to making good time in Brakeless is not speeding down the road, but avoiding crashes. If you drive at top speed, you are sure to run into obstacles, which will increase the time that it takes to reach the finish line. It may seem that driving at a slower pace would result in taking more time, but it actually allows you to take better control of your vehicle and steer clear of hazards without slamming into buildings. If you are new to this driving game, you should focus on not crashing. Once you have mastered the control of your automobile, you can then focus on improving your time.

By allowing players to brake, Brakeless does not live up to its name, but what's in a name? Casual gamers and fans of the Hot Wheels franchise will still enjoy this sweet car game!