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Bike Challenge Controls

Control and drive your bike with the arrow keys; hit the brakes by pressing the Z key, and pull off tricks while in the air with the C key. When you want to purchase an upgrade, press the X key to pull up the upgrade menu. Try and complete each level as quickly (and safely) as you can.

  • Rating: 4.15/5

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Bike Challenge Walkthrough

Bike Challenge is a fast-paced racing game. In it, you'll need to fight and make your way through terrain, rocky jumps, and steep cliffs. There aren't any other racers you'll have to worry about in Bike Challenge, but even getting through the first level can be a huge problem.

That's because difficulty isn't in short supply. After selecting your bike, you'll start out at the beginning of the first level. There, you'll encounter huge boulders and steep hills - and you'll have to drive right through them. It's a good idea to get used to the controls in Bike Challenge; otherwise, you simply won't be able to get through the first level. To make the game easier, you can upgrade your bike.

But upgrading isn't that easy to begin with. The upgrade menu can be found at any time by pressing the X key. Once it's up, you'll see that you need points to upgrade various aspects of your bike - you'll earn these points by beating levels and performing tricks (press the C key while you're mid-air!).

If you make it through enough levels in Bike Challenge, you'll be able to drastically increase your stats - and that makes the game a lot easier. But, if you can't get the points needed to upgrade in the first place - you won't get very far. Since you do have a limited amount of lives, Bike Challenge is a racing game that takes an adequate amount of time to beat, but it's fun to play along the way.

All in all, Bike Challenge is a great racing game. Although the levels are challenging, they get easier as you upgrade your bike. And if you're having trouble with one bike, you can always switch to the other. As long as you're used to any dirt bike game, you won't have any trouble with this particular flash game.