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BananaDash World 2 Controls

Use the left and right arrow keys to control your monkey - follow the paths in each level and try to collect as many bananas as you can. Finish each level by reaching the cannon, and try to finish each level as fast as possible.

  • Rating: 4.72/5

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BananaDash World 2 Walkthrough

BananaDash World 2 isn't your typical racing game. In fact, it's downright bizarre. With clowns, monkeys, and bears (that shoot guns) frequently placed in the game, it's a world you'll have to get used to. But, after you've played through a few levels, you'll see why.

BananaDash World 2 is a sequel - and if you check out the first game in the series, you'll see that vastly improves upon its predecessor. With more levels, better level design, and unique gameplay elements, it's a warranted sequel. Even if you haven't played the first game, it's best to stick with the sequel, and after you play through a few levels, you'll know why.

The object of the game is to beat each level within a certain time limit. The first few levels aren't that much of a challenge, but as the game progresses, it certainly gets difficult. However, once you're used to the controls, and know how the mechanics of the game work, it gets a little easier.

But only a little - the twists and turns in most levels will throw even the most experienced gamer off, and if you're not careful (or quick), you won't be able to beat the timer on any level. For bonus points, you can collect bananas - hence the name of the game - but they're not essential to your quest.

Overall, BananaDash World 2 is a great sequel and a fun game on its own. Almost every level is a challenge, but the game is still great fun. In fact, it's a great game for speed runs - unlike most racing games online. So, if you're a racing game fan, you can't really go wrong with this one.