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4x4 Rally Controls

4x4 Rally is controlled by using your keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key breaks and reverses, and the left and right arrow keys turn your vehicle. The P key pauses the game, and the C key unpauses the game.

  • Rating: 4.33/5

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4x4 Rally Walkthrough

4x4 Rally is a fast-paced off-road racing game where you compete against four computer-controlled racers. The game is presented from a top-down perspective and features pseudo-3D graphics, unique tracks, and a musical score that will get you pumped up for the race!

The objective of 4x4 Rally is to complete each race of three laps in either first, second, or third place. This concept is straight-forward, but 4x4 Rally makes it an extreme challenge. As is the case in many racing games of this type, the computer-controlled racers have a much easier time navigating the track than human players. The game's controls can also be quite slippery at times. Finally, to make matters even more challenging, the first track is an ice track with little traction!

To master 4x4 Rally, it is best to make small adjustments when turning, so as not to overcompensate. When making turns, try to stick to the inside of the track to minimize your distance. You will need to cut as many corners as you can to get the jump on the computer-controlled racers because not only do they have an easier time navigating the track, but their vehicles also seem to be faster than yours. There is no way to change this, and once you have fallen far behind the competition, there is almost no way to get into a better position. You will have to try to get far ahead of the pack in every race and hope to maintain your position if you want any chance of placing in this racing game.

4x4 Rally allows you to customize your car's color, but there are no better cars to unlock. There are also no powerups to collect, no nitro boosts, or achievements to unlock. 4x4 Rally is a straightforward racing game that focuses only on the racing!

4x4 Rally is a fast-paced and straightforward racing game that offers thrills, chills, and a huge challenge. If you're looking for a challenging racing game, 4x4 Rally is just the game for you!