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3D Rally Racing Controls

3D Rally Racing is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer, the up arrow key is used to accelerate, and the down arrow key is used to brake and to reverse.

  • Rating: 4.12/5

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3D Rally Racing Walkthrough

3D Rally Racing is a racing game with beautiful three-dimensional graphics. This racing game also features five tracks, two vehicles to choose from, and an automatic saving feature.

The objective of 3D Rally Racing is to complete each race in first place. Each race consists of three laps, and pits you against three other computer-controlled cars. There are five tracks to choose from in this racing game each with its own terrain. Two tracks are available at the start of this racing game, and three must be unlocked by completing prior tracks in first place.

3D Rally Racing allows you to chose between two cars and to customize your vehicle's colors between each race. The top car has a higher top speed which is good on straightaways, but the second car features better acceleration and handling. I advise selecting the second car, because this driving game can be very difficult to control, and you'll need every bit of extra handling that you can get.

3D Rally Racing is a very challenging game. As is the case in many racing games, the AI has an easy time navigating the track. As a human player, it is very easy to overcompensate with your turns. In order to mitigate this disadvantage, tap the key to make your turn rather than holding it down. Try not to make wide turns and stay on the inside of the track, but avoid cutting corners and driving off-road. Driving off of the road will slow you down severely, so it just isn't worth it to try to cut across the track!

3D Rally Racing is a very challenging racing game that is reminiscent of the original F-Zero for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. If you are a fan of racing games and don't mind a huge (and sometimes frustrating) challenge, then give 3D Racing rally a try!