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3D Car Racing Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Slow down or break using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

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3D Car Racing Walkthrough

3D Car Racing is exactly what you would expect from the name - a fun and exciting 3D racing game that offers two different tracks, two different cars and five different car colors to choose from in the beginning of the game. As you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock all new tracks that will keep the difficulty level climbing and ensure everyone can enjoy the game regardless of skill or experience level. If you want to submit your high score - and really, who doesn't - you'll need to complete at least three laps. More importantly, if you want to advance to the next level at the end of each race you must come in first in your race. This is where the real challenge will lie for many players; espcially those that are new to 3D racing games. It isn't easy to come in first but it is possibly in every race. It will take a little bit of skill and for most newcomers, a little practice, but you can come in first in every race in this game with a little work.

More experienced 3D racing game players are probably going to find 3D Car Racing a bit on the easy side, but as the game progresses, the level of difficulty increases. Each new track brings with it new obstacles to overcome and that is often enough to keep the game interesting, even if it doesn't challenge you as much as other games in the genre. The thing experienced players are going to like most about this game is the balance between nice graphics and challenging tracks the game offers. The game looks nice but still plays smoothly even on slower computers. While other games that pay attention to graphics might let the difficulty level slip a little bit, this one avoids that common mistake and offers the best of both worlds.

The only real drawback to 3D Car Racing is that, unlike many other 3D racing games online, there are no difficulty level settings to choose from. Everyone starts out on the same level and that can pose problems for both experienced and inexperienced players. The game isn't so hard that beginners won't be able to play it but is hard enough that they will have a hard time coming in first even on the very first race. Experienced players, on the other hand, will likely find the first two races a little bland and for those that are really skilled with this type of game, the whole game might be too easy to find any real challenge. The standard 'easy', 'normal' and 'hard' settings found in most 3D racing games would make it a little easier for players to find the challenge they want and that suits their experience level, but the lack of those options doesn't really take a whole lot away from the game.

The best way to do well in 3D Car Racing is to focus on your speed around turns. It's easy to hit turns with too much speed and find yourself off the track. Running off the track will slow you down significantly and make it much, much harder for you to win your race. For newcomers having trouble with getting the hang of keeping your car under control, start with the second track (the sandy desert one) and the second car. It handles a bit better and will be a bit easier to keep on the track. Watch your speed when you're going around a sharp turn. Although it might feel like slowing down is a poor way to win, it'll help you avoid losing control on the turn and will give you a better shot at staying in the race. Generally speaking, just easing off on the accelerator will be enough to keep you on the right path, but remember you can't allow yourself to stop completely. Keep turning but only tap the accelerator on and off, backing off if you start picking up too much speed again.

More experienced 3D racing game players can challenge themselves a bit more by choosing the first track and the first car. Although the track itself isn't much more difficult than the second one, the falling snow can prove to be a bit distracting. In addition, in some cases it seems the snow on the side of the track makes it harder to pick up speed and get back on the track when you find yourself off course. The first car doesn't handle quite as well as the second car, so keeping it under control can also pose a bigger challenge. This game can be challenging if you're willing to stick with it until some of the later tracks. The great part about the game is that you'll still have a lot of fun on the beginning tracks even if they aren't super challenging for you.

Overall, 3D Car Racing is an entertaining 3D racing game with great graphics, multiple tracks and a difficulty level that steadily increases as you play. You'll need to watch your speed on corner, avoid running into obstacles (including your opponent's cars) and do everything you can to keep your car on the track if you want to come in first. While it isn't the most difficult 3D racing game online, it is one of the most fun. Newcomers and experienced players alike are going to enjoy this one, even if they enjoy it for different reasons. Check this one out if you're looking for an entertaining game to kill a little time with or if you want to hone your skills for the more difficult 3D racing games online.