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3D Buggy Racing Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse or break using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

  • Rating: 4.44/5

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3D Buggy Racing Walkthrough

3D Buggy Racing is, without question, one of the best 3D racing games online simply because it offers so much in terms of options, challenge and graphics. Not every computer was created equally and that is something the makers of this game understood when they made this game. You can choose from four different levels of graphics quality ensuring that any computer will be able to run this game smoothly. The great thing is that even on the lowest setting, not a lot is lost in terms of quality so the game still looks great - better than many of the other 3D racing games online - and you won't have to worry about glitches or lagging that often come with running a game with graphics your computer can't handle. The attention to detail in this game is really what makes it most appealing although beginners may find some of the graphics in the backgrounds a bit distracting. Experienced players, however, are going to love how great this game looks when compared with many of the other 3D racing games out there and will want to keep playing to see what comes with each new track.

3D Buggy Racing offers five different tracks you can race on and seven different opponents in each race. What really makes this game so much more challenging than other 3D racing games is that to unlock each additional track, you will need to come in first in the race before. For example, if you want to unlock the third track you will need to come in first in the race on the second track. This can be fairly difficult to do as you're facing off against seven competitors instead of the standard three. This is completely different than most other games that will only require you to finish the race within a certain amount of time or collect a certain amount of points. In this one, everything is about the race and how well you can do. For that reason, newcomers are going to have a bit of a hard time sticking with this game. It can be frustrating to lose over and over again, but try to focus on just enjoying the game. It is a lot of fun even if you're playing on the same two tracks over and over again. The more you play the more you will improve. Remember that. While you might lose a lot at first, you'll get better and better. Not only will you get more familiar with the track you're racing on, but you'll also get more familiar with how to keep your buggy under control. That's vitally important if you want to come in first.

When you first start playing 3D Buggy Racing, you have two tracks to choose from; North America and England. If you're new to 3D racing games, start out with North America. It's a bit easier although the dolphins jumping in the background can be a bit distracting. More experienced players are going to want to start with England. While the track itself isn't a whole lot harder than North America, the green balls you have to avoid while driving make the track significantly harder to navigate. Hitting those green balls will slow you down and make it harder for you to get a first place finish. They don't slow you down by a lot, but definitely by enough to put you back in the race. They're not all that hard to avoid, but the added challenge will be a welcome surprise for advanced players while it might be a bit daunting for the newcomer.

The best way to come in first in every race in 3D Buggy Racing is to pay attention to the course. There is no limit on how many times you can race any particular track so consider taking a few practice laps on each track before you actually try to race to win. This gets you familiar with how the track is laid out and what kind of obstacles you'll be facing. While the mini map (shown at the top left of the screen) is great and can help you plan your race, nothing beats experience. It's not fun to lose, but in this game, you can take a loss if it gives you the chance to learn how to win. Each new track has new obstacles in different places. Giving yourself a little time to find out what those obstacles do, how they affect you during a race and how to avoid them is often times enough to give you the edge you need to win. It's also important to take corners carefully. You don't want to end up running off the track. It'll cost you time and is often hard to get back on track; no pun intended. If you take a corner too fast, you'll likely end up off the track and struggling to get back on. That's not something you want. You also need to watch out for apparent short cuts. While there are shortcuts you can take, some will lead you nowhere. This is also something you can familiarize yourself with on your practice run, but if you missed one and find yourself stuck, reverse and try again. In most cases, it's easier to back track than to try to plow through obstacles.

Overall, 3D Buggy Racing is an excellent, entertaining and completely addictive 3D racing game that will keep you playing game after game. One of the things experienced players are going to like most about this game are the high score options. Every track in the game has it's own dedicated high score leader board that can be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and all time high score stats. The challenge of trying to get your name on that high score leader board is really what makes this game so addictive - that and the fact that the game is genuinely a lot of fun. You want to keep playing to improve your score even if you aren't going for leader board glory. Although newcomers are going to find this game hard to stick with in the beginning, in time, even beginners will be able to unlock all of the tracks. It takes a little practice but its worth it. Alternatively, experienced players might find some of the tracks a bit on the easy side but will still be able to enjoy the game for the excellent graphics and high score options. This is really a game that offers something for everyone regardless of skill or experience level. If you're a fan of 3D racing games this is a game you have to play.